There’s no why..
It just is.

Taiwan No Why explores Taiwan’s overlooked cultural behaviours and traditions. This podcast brings to light everyday phenomena that residents, both foreign and local, may wonder about.

Listen in as we discover the reasons behind the why.

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018 Run, Anya, Run!

Why does it seem like at any time in Taiwan, you can always find people running up busy side streets or down steep mountain roads? Mark and Dr. Dr. Max chat about the rise of marathons in Taiwan and discuss their interview with Anya Tsai (蔡文雅), an incredible long-distance athlete who only picked up runningContinue reading “018 Run, Anya, Run!”

017 I Did It My Way

Mark and Dr. Dr. Max sit down for a chat with Ensou Tien, who is currently living in Belgium and working for Stellantis, a joint venture automotive corporation. These long-time friends chat about how Ensou found his path to success despite poor academics, cultural differences in the European workplace, and why he believes in hisContinue reading “017 I Did It My Way”