019 Christmas in Taiwan

[Children who believe in Santa should not listen!]

Mark and Dr. Dr. Max discuss how the Christmas season in Taiwan is viewed by foreign residents living in Taiwan, many of whom took the time to share their own experiences in a survey we sent out prior to the taping of the episode. The hosts also travel a little down nostalgia lane to talk about what Christmas means to them, and how it could be more thoughtfully celebrated in Taiwan.

Recorded Nov. 25, 2022.

017 I Did It My Way

Mark and Dr. Dr. Max sit down for a chat with Ensou Tien, who is currently living in Belgium and working for Stellantis, a joint venture automotive corporation. These long-time friends chat about how Ensou found his path to success despite poor academics, cultural differences in the European workplace, and why he believes in his choice to move his young Taiwanese family across the world.

Recorded Jul. 20, 2022.

016 License & Registration, Please

(Listen until the end for some living-in-Taiwan-wisdom that most Taiwanese are wrong about!)

Whether you’re living in or visiting Taiwan, it’s impossible to miss the siren-less lights that patrol the road. Do I need to pull over? Are they chasing someone else? Why are the lights even on? Join Mark and Dr. Dr. Max as they answer some of the why’s behind policing in Taiwan, based on knowledge shared during their interview with Police Chief Huang and a local village politician, Representative Chiang.

Recorded Oct. 14, 2022.

015 BTS: Blue Truck Special

Starting off Season 2 is a topic that inspired the start of Taiwan No Why. Mark and Dr. Dr. Max discuss the iconic Taiwanese Blue Trucks – arguably one of the most symbolic items of Taiwan. Listen in as they discuss their interview with Mr. Lee, a sales specialist at CMC who has been in the automative industry for over 35 years.

Recorded Sep. 19, 2022.

014 Batter Up!

Sit back, grab a hot dog and some beer, and listen in as Mark and Dr. Dr. Max discuss their interview with Joe Hsu (徐志維). The former MLB player and the guys share their thoughts on baseball in Taiwan and how it reflects the greater Taiwanese mindset. Listen as they hit topics like national teams, coaching, little league training, and the makeup of rosters in the CPBL. It’s summertime – let’s play ball!

Recorded Jul. 16, 2022.

013 The Gates Are Open

As the gates of hell open up and Ghost Month begins in Taiwan, the last thing you want is to be caught with your pants down in the woods or drying outside at night. Mark and Dr. Dr. Max chat about the dos and don’ts of navigating this delicate month – with a few tips on how to trick the “good brothers and sisters” in your favour!

Recorded Jul. 10, 2022.